About Us

Waseela Trading is one of the oldest and reputable company in Japan. The main goal was to established such an association that provides quality vehicles with reasonable prices and prompt customer services worldwide. Waseela Trading offers online shopping of used vehicles for international exports, the company entered into the global eCommerce business market, selling and exporting Japanese used & new vehicles, heavy machinery & other top brands such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW etc.. We have available good quantity of vehicles in our physical stock which is always ready to be shipped & we can source any vehicle for our customers in a very short time. We have our own yards too in whole over the Japan where we have thousands of the vehicles available. Waseela Trading have extremely skilled & experienced staff and they are nicely dealing with all customers & assisting them to find out their desired vehicles from our stock.

In the beginning Waseela Trading faced challenges to cater its customer’s request but we fulfilled all of our tasks on-time. Waseela Trading started exporting its vehicles to several countries in the commencement years but now we are dealing with customers in all around the world & exporting good amount of vehicles per year worldwide.

Why we are the finest Company & why people prioritize us ? Because we just not know to say, we know to convert those things in actuality & those are we provide high quality vehicles at the very affordable prices & good services. We believe that without happy customers we are nothing & our this thought keeps pushing us to be better than better day by day. We are the only company which fulfills the customer standard in used vehicles & it will ever & never be compromised at our end.

We are Proud to say that our exports are getting increased successfully time by time but this is not good enough. Now, Waseela Trading is focusing to expand its business in various trading industries of Japan and China & our goal is to become the top trading company in coming years. We have a dedicated staff and supports personnel’s who always build a strong relation between Waseela Trading and our happy customers worldwide.